Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels Testimonial

Safety Media has been providing Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels with an interactive and exciting Health & Safety e-Learning solution since 2008.

Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels are a collection of luxury hotels in prime locations in the heart of London, Heathrow and Manchester. The company were looking for a solution for training its 2500 employees across its different sites without the added compilation of taking employees off-site.

Having previously used Safety Media’s video and DVD’s for training, Radisson Edwardian Hotels were already aware of Safety Media’s reputation for good quality and decided upon their e-Learning solution.

During the implementation of the system, the company promoted the launch internally aided by the complimentary marketing pack produced by Safety Media which included A3 posters and hand-out cards to distribute. For further buy-in from employees, the system was branded with the Radisson Edwardian Hotels logo and corporate colours, to reinforce the system as an integral part of the company and not as an add-on system that could be ignored.

Before beginning training, the company allocated training modules to employees based on their department. In any one month, different departments will be studying different modules that are specific to their job role. The training calendar runs over 6 months which is then repeated for refresher training during this time.

Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels Group H&S Adviser, Theresa Taylor commented on the system saying:

“It is an efficient way to train large numbers of people over multiple sites I have found the quality of the modules to be very good and of a high standard.”

She also commented:

“Technical support is excellent. We received a good level of training and good follow up with any issues.”

During an interview with Safety Media the Group Health and Safety Manager, Patrick Adofo admitted:

“At Edwardian hotels London we are always driven to raise the bar which means that if we have a service provider we are encouraged to find a competition, to find something better out there. But from 2008 we have been with Safety Media so that tells us that there is something good going on there.  There is no better.”

When discussing the challenges faced in the hotel and leisure industry Patrick highlighted the fact that they are part of a 24 hour, 7 day a week customer facing industry and it was therefore not easy to find a suitable schedule for classroom-based training given the very nature of shift work.  By delivering training via e-Learning the staff are able to complete training at convenient times and the relevant managers are able to know for sure who has completed or not completed training and report on all relevant departments quickly and easily.

One example given by Patrick as to the practical benefits of using an online system such as this was:

“This year we had mental health awareness week that we wanted to participate in and reach out to our members of staff, especially with stress. So we sent questionnaires initially to all 2500 members of staff and what happened was that we got only 45 responses.

But what actually saved the day was one of the Safety Media modules called Health and wellbeing so the employees had already completed these checklist responses at the end.  So we just took the reports off it and reached out to those who had high ratings and areas of concern, so that was much fewer number of people. They were actually happy that we reached out to them as they were showing symptoms of stress but it was difficult to get them to answer a questionnaire asking them ‘are they stressed’ or ‘do they show signs of stress’ but when they had done it already it was easier. They were happy that we reached out to them.”

A concern large hotel chains often have when considering new solutions is one of, not only logistics but, budgets and ensuring these budgets are put to the best use possible. Before implementing an online solution training was costing between £50-£100 per person.  However, the online solution from Safety Media averages at about £10 per head for the group and so this in itself has provided a reduction of more than 80%

By using the Safety Media solution the hotel group has noticed a significant decrease in the number of claims being made and they have actively noticed that the safety culture has improved as more people are being trained regularly.

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