We have been using Safety Media’s e-Learning products for approximately 4 years and have 1644 users in training cycles.

Before the implementation of Enterprise we delivered our Health and Safety training via classroom and PowerPoint presentations.

Over 900 of our UK workforce are Field Based, by using the Enterprise e-Learning system, we are able to dramatically reduce our non-productive time and deliver regular Health & Safety training in bite sized chunks.

By providing this training in more frequent but shorter sessions we are able to increase the H&S focus in the business. The reporting visibility and dynamics ensure that we are able to quickly identify any of our team who have been identified as “High Risk” and resolve any issues without delay.

Our Safety Passport curriculum consists of twelve e-Learning Modules, we deliver a training module every ¼. In addition our office based staff benefit from a straightforward a relevant selection of Health & Safety training that is tailored to their specific needs. To date we have delivered 6432 units of training in the UK business.

Our Field Based Service Team work in a diverse range of customer activities and it is critical that our employees are equipped with the training and knowledge to maintain their own personal safety and that of any others who could be affected by our activities whilst on site.

Our regional workshops carry out major equipment refurbishment and it is essential that out workshop staff are well trained and follow procedures when working with any hazardous substances. The COSHH course in particular is a pragmatic yet easy to understand course which has been very well received by the 388 users who have undertaken it. The “Self-Test” element of the course helps us address any issues identified during the training.

One of our employees has commented “I found the interactive course much more interesting than the last course I did in the Classroom.” We are working closely with Safety Media and feel that our input is always welcomed on an on-going basis. We have been using Safety Media’s e-Learning products for approximately 4 years and have 1644 users in training cycles.

Throughout the process we have always found the technical support to be excellent, some traditional standards such as the phone being answered in 3 rings, messages being promptly returned are indicators of the level of professional customer support.

The system itself is very easy to use from a trainee point of view as well as from my position as the UK HSE manager.

The visibility, reporting, accessibility, flexibility, user friendliness of the system are the features which stand out most to me while using the system and it is features such as these which has made Enterprise an integral part of our training plan.

We would 100% recommend enterprise e-Learning as the dynamic feedback mechanism provides the information and visibility we need in a decentralised business…..for example we know at a glance, we have visibility of completed training, outstanding training, risk ratings, pass scores etc.

Alan McEnteggart – UK HSE Manager Linde Material Handling (UK) Ltd