For many students, going to university is their first experience of independence. This Student Health and Safety e-learning course provides
students with information on how to correctly and safely identify hazards and risks as well as covering alcohol and drug awareness and
their personal safety.

You’ll identify what hazards students face on a daily basis and what risks are associated with them. The hazards include electrical, working
with chemicals, manual handling and Display Screen Equipment (DSE).

You’ll cover fire hazards, reducing the chance of injury from fire, causes of fire, correct evacuation procedure, safety signs and types of
fire extinguishers.

Finally, you’ll learn about alcohol and drug awareness, personal safety and importance of safe sex.

Course Overview

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

  • Reconise the importance of health and safety training
  • Define various concepts related to health and safety
  • Identify various aspects of fire safety
  • Identify health hazards caused by drugs and/or alcohol
  • Identify various aspects of personal safety
  • State the importance being able to locate welfare facilities
  • State the importance of reporting accidents and incidents


Format: Interactive | Course Duration: 40-45 minutes

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CPD Certified Training from Safety Media