Although working in the alcohol service industry can be exciting, fun and lively, it’s also a huge responsibility. This Serving Alcohol Responsibly
e-learning course looks at the responsibilities of working in the alcohol service industry, the regulations that apply and how to comply with them.

Course Overview

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

  • Identify the responsibilities as a seller or server of alcohol
  • Recognise the responsibilities of the Designated Premises Supervisor
  • Understand the effects alcohol has on the body and recognise the symptoms of severe intoxication
  • Understand your age verification policy and when to check a customer’s ID
  • Recognise false or inadequate identification
  • Be aware of the penalties of serving alcohol to underage or intoxicated people
  • Recognise best practice when refusing service and keeping a record of refusals


Format: Interactive | Course Duration: 40-45 minutes

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CPD Certified Training from Safety Media