Middle East Safety Advice

Middle East Safety Advice

When looking for Middle East Safety Advice the below authorities can provide quality, officially sourced, information which can be an asset to you and your business. Understanding which authoritative bodies you need to report to in case of an incident is one of the most important aspects of your health and safety responsibilities.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Their official website houses hundreds of documents surrounding health and safety statistics, from current employee rates in medical centres to the amount of fire accidents per year.

Established since 1992, the EHS monitor and regulate business compliance with governmental standards from occupational safety to biohazard protection. Their website has plenty of useful information for modern businesses.

Focused on raising awareness for quality healthcare, the HAAD are dedicated to raising the level of excellence in hospitals throughout the region.

The Chartered body for H&S professionals throughout the globe, IOSH’s UAE division set standards and supports its members with helpful resources. A registered charity, IOSH has been around since 1945 and is still delivering results 70 years later.

The official organisation for health in the United Arab Emirates.

The official organisation for labour in the United Arab Emirates.

The official organisation for environment and water in the United Arab Emirates.

The official organisation for the environment in Abu Dhabi.


A non-profit organisation dedicated to making construction sites throughout the world as safe as possible. Visit their website to find out about best practices and resources within Kuwait.