LPI - Learning Performance Institute

What does being accredited by the LPI mean?

LPI AccreditationBeing accredited by the Learning and Performance Institute means that we abide by a strict set of conduct guidelines and meet the criteria of excellence among our peers in the industry.  LPI Accreditation is crucial to Safety Media’s ongoing success.

The Institute conduct a stringent annual review looking at the goals and successes of the business but also the potential challenges and areas in which we can improve to better serve our customers.

By considering a provider who is accredited by the LPI you can be sure you are choosing:

  • A product or service that has been validated against globally-recognised quality marks, based on performance data from thousands of learning providers.
  • A company who is committed to continuous improvement both for organisational and customer success.
  • An organisation who is independently and internationally acknowledged as a forward-thinking, reputable provider, committed to learner outcomes, performance development and customer satisfaction.
  • A partnership with a company who is not scared to be held accountable against peers within the industry.


Accreditation-Provider-FrameworkGold standard Accreditation

Gold standard is the pinnacle of achievement in terms of LPI accreditation and in 2018 Safety Media was awarded this accolade.  There are currently only 14 companies who have achieved Gold Standard and Safety Media is delighted to be among them. This means:

  • We have no outstanding non-conformances
  • Our overall KPI score is great than or equal to 75% of the maximum across ALL sections
  • We have at least 2 validated client endorsed case studies evidencing demonstrable, quantified, positive business outcomes for the client
  • Key personnel are members of the LPI.


Top 15 Highest-Performing Learning Technology Provider

As well as achieving Gold LPI accreditation status Safety Media have also been named as one of the Top 15 Learning Technologies providers in 2018.  All of the organisations that have made the list can demonstrate a clear roadmap by which to build their capability and adapt their strategy for continual success.  We also demonstrate a strong customer value proposition and have a corporate culture that instils confidence throughout the customer journey.

The LPI website says:

Prospective and existing customers can be assured that these 15 organisations will provide the highest quality of service and the best user experience. They are trusted business partners, acting always in the best interests of their clients and, as such, fully endorsed by the Learning and Performance Institute.

The list is compiled through analysis of the above KPIs and formulas are applied to generate weightings representing the Best Solution, Best Operational Management and Best Overall.

You can download the ebook detailing the top 15 Learning Technology Providers here »

LPI Code of Conduct

As part of our ongoing commitment to the LPI accreditation scheme, all Safety Media employees abide by the institute’s code of best practice as follows:

  • Publicity and Promotion
    All communications with be clear, honest and be produced with the highest level of integrity.
  • Sales and Pre-Contract Activities
    All sales will be conducted in an ethical and responsible manner & manage appropriate levels of expectations.
  • Technical Specifications
    Product, technical and service level specifications will be provided and maintained before & throughout the contract.
  • Commercial Prospectus
    All proposals and quotations will be clear and specific to the products and services, including total cost and payment schedule
  • Product and/ or Service Delivery
    Support the Learning professional in the delivery and maintenance of the product through the term of the contract.
  • External Controls
    We will be regularly monitored and measured to ensure we are meeting the required standards for LPI accreditation.
  • Complaints, Notifications and Appeals Procedure
    For any disputes not resolved by our internal procedures, the complainant has the right to notify the Institute who will make a ruling as appropriate. Any appeals can then also be made through the Institute’s representative.

For a full version of the Code of Practice please visit this link »

For further information, please contact the Learning & Performance Institute on 0247 649 6210 or email: info@thelpi.org