Risk Management

Risk assessments are one component of a full Risk Management solution that includes:

  • Creation of Risk Assessments
  • Review, addition of control measures, approval and follow up processes
  • Risk Checklists included in every e-Learning course
  • Built-in questions for users to answer and allow administrators to assess risks

Risk Management is more than just conducting annual risk assessments, although a vital part of the process, full cycle risk management encompasses much more. To reflect this, Safety Media offer both Risk Assessment & Risk Checklists features within the Learning Management System.


The creation and completion of risk assessments is a key feature of the Safety Media Risk Management solution, however this tool also allows for review, addition of control measures, approval and follow up of assessments to also be included.

Risk assessors can log into the Learning Management System to build and complete risk assessments individually for your organisation. Within the assessments there is a 5×5 risk matrix used as default which is fully editable and expandable along with the ability to edit the criteria that defines a risk.

Assessments can be built and completed simply using standardised ratings allowing for auditable reporting practices relevant for your business.


An additional Risk Management feature offered by Safety Media is the inclusion of Risk Checklist questions in every e-Learning course we produce. By asking yes / no questions relating specifically to your organisation’s Health & Safety requirements, administrators are able to quickly identify, manage and assess risks using the simple traffic light system.

One of the key benefits of Safety Media’s Learning Management System is the ease with which administrators can identify, assess, manage, and report upon potential and specific risks in your organisation.

Every course has a built-in risk assessment checklist that can be fully edited and personalised by your system administrator.

When completing a course, every user will be asked to complete a series of questions with yes or no answers, along with the ability to add any freehand comments as appropriate. Based on these answers, the user will be assigned a risk rating, which is flagged in the administration panel.

Using a simple traffic light system, administrators can assess risks either by individual, course or department and then take appropriate actions to eliminate or minimise the risks, and update the records accordingly.


Find out more about our online Risk Management Solution in this short video:


Risks to your business can come in many different forms, it is vital you are aware of them before they become an issue and robust risk management solutions will help you do just that.


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