Online Document Management

Safety Media’s Online Document Management System will allow administrators to:

» Upload

» Preview

» Update

» Assign and

» Report on documents with ease.

The tool can be accessed within the Enterprise LMS and this can be done anywhere and on any device, providing you have access to the internet.

With an automatic acknowledgement function, the ability to leave comments as well as pertinent reportable features, this function will give you the ability to manage and distribute secure documents at your convenience.

How does it work?

For any new starters, you can now send out your IT policy or Health & Safety policy and through Document Management System, they will have to acknowledge that they have received it and read and understood the information of the document.

This is a much more robust form of policy distribution as your organisation will benefit from a digital audit trail showing acceptance and understanding, should the need ever arise.

With this clever tool now part of Safety Media’s Software Suite, users can no longer plead ignorance to seeing the Health & Safety policy or the IT policy.

You can now prove that they have seen the specific document and the exact date that they received it!


For more information about this clever document management system watch this short video:

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