Health and safety Audits

Large public or private sector organisations should have formal procedures for running and recording Health and Safety Audits. The Health and Safety Audit module from Safety Media allows you to create and administer site or departmental audits in a robust, effective and uniform manner through an online platform. Whether on a construction site, warehouse, retail unit or office – being able to audit your surroundings in a structured and centralised way will allow them to be a safer environment.

Our Solution

Within the Enterprise Learning Management System, you can create Audit templates which can be distributed for completion by relevant managers – for example Store Managers in retail units. If Risk Assessment or Incident Management is an audit criteria, these sections can be automatically populated by the system if used in conjunction with the relevant areas. Upon completing an audit form, the auditor will be able to review each criteria, attach relevant documents and assign a pass / fail status based on particular criteria.

For example…

If you were to discover a broken light bulb when auditing the shop-floor, this would result in a fail status and require additional information for rectification purposes. Upon submission the relevant department (for example Maintenance) would be informed of the requirement so that the work can be scheduled as appropriate. Once satisfactorily rectified the action can be closed off by the relevant manager and the audit filed as Submitted.

Health & Safety Audits



Audits can be assigned to users with a cycle for completion. Should audits not be carried out on time, automatic alerts can be sent through the reporting hierarchy so that disciplinary action can be taken.

For example…

If a Store Manager doesn’t complete their audit in time, the Regional Manager will be informed, if this continues the relevant Director will be informed etc. 

How does it work?

Watch this short video to answer any questions you may have:

Robust, Editable, Usable

Being able to safely record all of your activity is a huge benefit to online management but being able to report upon Health & Safety information is the greatest benefit of using Software based solutions to manage your needs. That is why you can report upon any activity within your Learning Management System, whether that be:

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You can be sure to find editable reporting systems allowing your reports to be as simple or complex as you require. From drilling down into dashboards, to automatically emailing reports based on specific criteria to people internally or externally, we are sure you will find whatever you need when it comes to Health & Safety reporting with Safety Media’s LMS.

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