Health and Safety Software

Health and Safety software by Safety Media manages all your health & safety responsibilities in one world-class, flexible solution. 

Take full control of Incident Reporting, Risk Management, Audit and Document Management. Having your employer responsibilities in one place brings massive streamlining and safety benefits:

  • Streamline incident management
  • Simplify reporting responsibilities
  • Identify risks before they develop
  • Keep on top of audit processes
  • Manage documentation directly in the system

Making compliance simple is at the very core of Safety Media’s Health and Safety Software. The way in which we regulate a safe workplace is more important than ever, which is why especially dedicated tools are a must. If you’re noticing failings in providing a safe working environment for your employees, it could be worth investing in Health and Safety Software that will help you to locate issues before they turn into a big problem for everyone involved.

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Investing in Health and Safety Software is one of the most forward-thinking ways in which you can stay on top of your company’s safety obligations. Here are some key aspects of the software which make it a must for all who have health and safety as a top priority.


Incident Reporting

With this, you will be able to:

• Log incidents and accidents
• Identify problematic areas for safety
• Report on particular injuries and assessment required

• Determine trends with an incident pyramid

All of these benefits make incident management a streamlined process and help managers with their reporting responsibilities.

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Risk Management

This will help you to:

• Build bespoke risk assessments
• Comment and act on risk assessments
• Allocate a risk rating

• Evaluate areas of concern

Identifying risks before they develop is a must for all health and safety managers and is made simple with this tool.

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Audit Module

This module assists in:

• Structuring audits across multiple business locations
• Alerting management if reports haven’t been completed
• Assigning levels of acceptance

• Submitting your reports efficiently

Keeping on top of yours and your company’s auditing processes is vital for managers and businesses, this module aims to make the task that little bit easier.

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Document Management

This module will enable:

• Policy distribution with digital audit trail
• Automatic acknowledgement function

• Report on documents with ease

This creative tool helps to prove that official documentation has been seen and received around the organisation.

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