Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analysis on both an individual or department level is vital for any organisation. Simply throwing training at individuals may miss priority needs, or even cover areas that are not essential, which can be time consuming and not cost-effective.

“Allow training to be distributed quickly and efficiently without continual manual input…”

The Training Needs Analysis tool for use with the Safety Media Enterprise LMS will allow administrators to set up relevant training plans which are then automatically assigned to users based on their responses to some simple questions.

How does Training Needs Analysis work?

For example, one question might be ‘Do you drive as part of your job?’, If the user’s response to this is ‘yes’, then one of the relevant training plans should include driving related courses. It really is as simple as it sounds, for both the administrator and user.

Administrators can add as many questions and answer options as they like in order to achieve a comprehensive response from each individual user.


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