Health and safety e-Learning managed services

Today’s HR and training professionals are challenged with increased expectations and reduced resources.  Many factors can contribute to the decision of choosing a full or partly e-Learning managed services solution as a business strategy. Whether the goal is to increase flexibility, improve quality, or to reduce costs, knowing that the services are being expertly managed by a trustworthy partner is critical for success.

Whatever the reasons for wanting a managed service, be assured that Safety Media has the flexibility to scale our solution to suit your needs. Providing excellence through our customer services is of the utmost importance to Safety Media.

Did you know 98% of Safety Media clients would recommend our services to others?

What’s included in the e-Learning Managed Service packages?


Every Safety Media client benefits from our first class service. This includes providing guidance and support when implementing your Enterprise System and includes pro-active and reactive support as required throughout the length of your contract.


This package includes some of the day to day running of the system which can be time consuming, such as modifying users, resetting passwords, scheduling reminder emails etc.


Take all of the hassle away from training by selecting our Premier Service. We will help you promote your training internally,create bespoke reports, ensure all automation is set up correctly and even restructure your entire site should the need arise.

What’s the difference between the e-Learning Managed Service packages?

Classic Advanced Premier
System Implementation & training of key client administrator(s)
Operational & technical support
Quarterly system and account usage review
Additional telephone support for client administrator(s)
Live & Recorded webinar sessions focusing on system functionality
Service level agreement including response times for technical queries
Adding / Deactivation of users
Move users to different departments
Resetting passwords
Assign training plans as instructed
Manage and distribute reports / dashboards showing regular usage and progress
Reminder emails to users
Download certificates and sent to management team
Manage "Other" training - Add course details and learner records
Marketing resource to promote e-Learning within the company
Manage assessment manager - Checklist / critical risk questions
Bespoke report creation
Restructure system*
*Available at a fixed cost as an additional service if not included in your chosen package.
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