Do you have other e-Learning based courses that you would want to add into your Learning Management System?

No problem! Safety Media’s Enterprise solution includes a fully compliant SCORM LMS!

All of your training can be kept under one roof with this simple to use, cloud based learning management system.

What is SCORM Compliant e-Learning?

When e-learning was first starting out, there were so many different systems, platforms and standards that it was almost impossible to corroborate information in a universal fashion. A course that could be uploaded to one LMS would be incompatible with another; especially frustrating if you’re trying to transfer records.

After deciding that there should be a set of standards which all programmers should abide by when curating courses, e-learning businesses from all over started SCORM.

What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for ‘Sharable Content Object Reference Model’.

Now that may not offer much of an explanation as to what SCORM really is, so let’s break it down a bit.

S stands for ‘Sharable’- information that can be accessed by different people. But what is this ‘information’?

CO refers to ‘Content Object’ or more accurately the different courses or documents that are being made available between different people. And the reference model bit?

RM or ‘Reference Model’ provides developers with the information they require to ensure all courses and systems use the same format and speak the same language.

How does a SCORM LMS work?

It is simple really, as long as your e-Learning courses comply to SCORM standards then we can upload them into your Enterprise LMS for you.

This will mean the courses are available to be assigned to your learners alongside the standard Safety Media library and all reporting is integrated into the Enterprise reporting suite. We will host your course in our safe and secure Content Delivery Network and you can rest assured that it will only be available to you and your employees.

What happens next?

Drop us a line and we can discuss your individual needs and see whether our solution is the right solution to meet them.  We can test some of your courses in the LMS so you can be sure that when choosing the Enterprise solution you will be receiving the best possible, easy to use system, to meet your requirements.

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