health and safety reporting

You can report upon any activity within your Learning Management System, whether that be;

  • e-Learning
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Audits

As an administrator, you can create or gather reports on e-learning courses; this could show courses completed, courses that are incomplete, and training courses that are due.

As all reports are saved, all users of the system (employees) can be emailed by the administrator with a notification of the report, e.g, “Incomplete training”.

Why is Health and Safety Reporting Important?

Compliance confidence requires evidence of training, not simply training itself.  When a governing body, such as the HSE, comes to call you need to be confident that you can quickly access your complete training records.  Your health and safety training records need to not only be complete but be transparent and so the audit trail behind your records is as important as the reports themselves.. this is not easy to deliver with a paper-based system.  Safety Media’s health and safety LMS gives you this information at the click of a button…simple.

Where are reports displayed?

Through Safety Media’s own unique LMS record keeping and reporting couldn’t be simpler.

With the clever use of editable dashboards, you can show your reporting in bite-sized pieces.

The easy to digest dashboards show all areas of concern in a clear and concise format, allowing for these specific areas to be addressed promptly.

health and safety reporting

e-Learning / Training


One of the most basic reasons you will be wanting to run reports from your LMS is to see who has completed their training, along with who has passed and who has failed.

Both the Enterprise and Express Learning Management Systems from Safety Media will allow you to create reports to show your data carved up in any way you choose.  You can set up dashboards to make this visually appealing or use the report builder to really get to the root of your training headaches.  

health and safety reporting

Risk Management

Administrators can log into the LMS and build Risk Assessments specific to your organisation.

These assessments are easily built and can be easily completed to help you stay on top of current control measures.

Every course has a Risk Check-list built into it which will ask the user a number of yes/no questions on their own organisation. These check-list questions will each have a risk rating given by the administrator as to which is more critical.

These risk ratings from the check-list are shown in a traffic light system, eg, red being high risk and green being compliant.

These reports can be seen by the administrator allowing for quick assessment of risks that need immediate management.

health and safety reporting 

Incident Reporting

Any user can add an incident, relating to themselves, or another colleague or about a contractor on the premises.

You fill in a simple form on the system, name, date, incident type, etc, and you also have the choice to attach documents to the report.

Anything can be reported on and these reports are easily accessible and clear to view via a reporting dashboard. This can show Incident types by Region or Department, Vehicle damage, Incidents by location, Injuries on the body, and a list of the latest incidents and their severity.

You can tailor your dashboard and reports to be as specific to you as necessary. This makes incident reporting smooth and efficient for administrators/ Managers to view and address.

Problems can be pin pointed and appropriate measures can be taken.

health and safety reporting


All places of work should have formal procedures in place for auditing and reporting.

Within this module as an administrator, you can create your own audits specific to where you work, such as sites, stores, facilities and buildings.

For your audits, you can enter all the information that you require, assign appropriate levels of acceptance and crucially submit your reports for review.

This can then be managed overall stores from one system, and each store will send over their audit report for assessment.

This builds a complete Audit Trail so your system is completely transparent to all governing bodies and inspections.

With editable reporting systems, your reports can be as complex or as simple as you require.

health and safety reporting

When it comes to Health & Safety today, it is vital to keep your back covered and stay on top of your organisations’ Health & Safety requirements.

Without the option to ‘report’ on an incident for example, how would the incident be prevented in the future, and how would other employees or employers be made of aware of the situation?

With the use of Safety Media’s LMS, reporting is straightforward, and professional, ensuring that your organisation provides and promotes a safe working environment.


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