Other Training Records

E-Learning is all well and good however, not all training can be carried out online.  What about practical Manual Handling Training, Forklift Truck Training or First Aid Training Courses?

Using the Safety Media Enterprise LMS you can record all of these “other” training activities alongside learners online training records.  You can even upload certificates, set reminders for when training should be repeated and add other information as required.

Other Training Records example…..

Let’s consider that some members of staff have been told to attend an external First Aid Course; this information can be tracked and recorded and administrators will be able to see who has completed said training and when this will need to be renewed.

The same goes for other ‘non e-learning’ courses, a driving exam for instance.

Training Plans

On a users ‘Training Plan’ an ‘External Training’ tab can be located.

Administrators can add external training course to the relevant training plan, along with the course name, the training cycle, additional notes and any attachments that are necessary for upload.

Learners scores and test results will either be ‘PASS’ or ‘FAIL’ which shows the user and administrator who needs a course renewal.

With this functionality, you can be certain that you are receiving a full cycle training solution from the experts at Safety Media.

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