Open License

What is an e-Learning Open License?

An e-Learning open license means you and your learners will have access to every single course in the Safety Media library for the entire term of your contract with us.  The fees you pay are the same whether you assign 1 course or 100 courses to each of your users.

How does it work?

You simply purchase one license per employee, the price per license decreases on a sliding scale depending the quantity you are looking for.  Your system administrator can then assign the relevant courses to your users for them to complete.  You can set up compulsory training lists including things like mandatory Fire Training and Induction training but you can also set up optional lists including courses such as Communication and Team Building titles.

This demonstrates to your employees that you want to offer them more than the basic courses, that you care about developing them as individuals to encourage them to grow.  It also looks great if your company looks to achieve accreditation’s such as Investor in People status – did you know we have achieved Gold?

Why should we have an open license when I only need 1 course?

You may only need to train people on one course immediately but what about in 3 months time when business is booming and you are expanding?  Have you got training in place for new starters, people who change job roles or even those who become pregnant when working for you?

With an open license you can offer your staff as much or as little as you see fit and you never have to worry about additional invoices, fees or bolt on contracts.  That is the beauty of an open license.

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