Multilingual health and safety courses

The best way to ensure comprehension of Safety messages is to provide your employees with multilingual Health & Safety courses.

As a Global Leader and world class provider of Health & Safety, it only makes sense for our courses to be provided with subtitles and in other languages to attract a wider global audience.

The Multi-Lingual options for all of our courses and languages are currently available in:

Multilingual health and safety courses

If you are interested in our e-Learning courses but really need it to be in a different language, it’s very simple to invest and get started with the languages already in our system.

Multilingual health and safety courses

With the multilingual courses, it allows employees to get to grips with the terminology and other jargon in their own language, making them feel more comfortable to complete their training, resulting in quicker and reliable reports for administrators / employers.

We have a number of multinational clients who require multilingual LMS & courses, enabling them to concentrate on their Health & Safety training as quickly and as comfortably as possible, ensuring confidence and compliance in the workplace.

Multilingual Courses

“It’s very important to take the e-Learning courses in my home language as this makes it easier for me to understand what exactly the terms and phrases are; it also allows me to learn faster.” Ricardo Fernandes, Finance Manager, DOF Subsea. (Course taken in Portuguese.)

There are a number of courses with a variety of subtitle packages should you require multilingual content.

If the course or language you require is not yet available, let us know and we will talk to you about finding the right solution for your needs.

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