Content Delivery Network


As part of our commitment to excellent user experience, we have devised a way to store all data in a robust way and deliver fast access to rich content.

The Safety Media Solution is hosted by Amazon Web Services. It has been fully penetration tested by an external company to ensure the Learning Management System is completely secure.

All of our video and interactive courses are hosted by Amazon web Services in a cloud server based Content Delivery Network (CDN).

A Content Delivery Network can deliver content rapidly around the world – giving your audience a local-like experience, no matter how far they are from your origin server.

It works by caching content at global edge locations, so that when users want to view your content, they can receive it quickly from the nearest server in the CDN. The content is refreshed once our courses are renewed so you can be sure all of your users are seeing the most up to date courses at all times.

So for example, the first time someone in Australia wants to do a course from Safety Media, their local server checks to see if it has the relevant content stored. If it doesn’t it fetches this from the Safety Media cloud and catches a copy locally. The next time someone from a similar location requests the same course the server is able to deliver the content quicker and with faster load times because it already has the content to hand.

What all of this essentially means is Brian in Brighton will receive his e-Learning course delivered to his device at exactly the same speed and quality as Simon in Singapore, ensuring a consistent and pleasing user experience.

The content delivery network allows us to provide the same great content to multiple locations at the same fast speed making e-Learning from Safety Media a truly global solution.

If you have any questions about the Safety Media Content Delivery Network please contact us on +44 (0) 1745 535000 or contact your dedicated Support Manger.