Classroom training e-Learning solution


If you struggle to provide enough computers for all of your staff to train at once or if you prefer a more traditional approach to your training then the Safety Media classroom solution could be the solution for you.

This technology uses e-Learning course content from your LMS library and allows multiple users to log on to take the course simultaneously using their own smart phone or tablet. As long as the user’s phone has an internet connection then you can train as many people at the same time as your office space or display facilities will allow! You can even use the training in conjunction with video conferencing if you cannot get all your participants in the same place at the same time.

How does classroom training with e-Learning work?

Using Safety Media’s LMS, administrators simply log in, add the details of the course they wish to run, assign it to users and the system will do the rest.

During the classroom session itself, users log in with their smart device using their unique LMS log in details. Once all users are logged on, the course will begin. The presenter or instructor will control the pace of the material allowing for discussions, adding company relevant information and highlighting key messages.

At the end of the course, the users go back to their mobile or tablet to answer the risk assessment and self-test questions.

When completed, the results are fed back to the LMS securely and are available in the reporting suite for administrators to monitor.

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