business continuity


We understand that continuity of business is crucial, especially with something like Health & Safety training which, although vital, is often squeezed in around other everyday business tasks.

For this reason we take the hosting and reliability of our LMS incredibly seriously and have taken steps to ensure your business will not suffer should our server happen to suffer catastrophic failure.  To enable us to do this confidently we use Amazon Web Services for all of our hosting requirements to ensure a reliable and high-quality hosting provision for our customers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide trusted, cloud-based solutions to help meet business needs.

By running our solutions in a cloud-based environment, we are able to get your LMS up and running faster while providing the high level of service one expects from a global organisation.

Using AWS we are able to utilise multiple servers in multiple data centres across Europe with automatic load balancing to ensure our users experience the fastest possible service.

This coupled with database servers also mirrored across data centres results in maximum up time whilst ensuring our continued compliance with relevant data protection legislation.


The Safety Media Learning Management System has successfully passed a full-scale independent penetration test. Our robust security features mean that no unauthorised person can view any records within your system.

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintain the highest level of quality where data and application security is concerned, we will continue to perform penetration tests on our solution on a regular basis.

Confused or have any queries?

If you have any questions regarding the Safety Media business continuity plans please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated support manager or if you are not yet a client of Safety Media call us on +44 (0) 1745 535000 and we will be happy to discuss any queries you may have.

Remember, we are here to make Health & Safety Training Simple.