SCORM is a set of technical prerequisites for E-Learning software products. SCORM informs computer programmers on how to write their code so that it can interact with other e-learning software. It is the industry standard for e-learning interconnectivity. SCORM controls how online learning subject matter and Learning Management Systems (LMS) communicate with each other. SCORM does not speak to instructional design; it is purely a technical standard.

Can you give me an example of SCORM in use?

A great example is when you buy a new film on DVD; you wouldn’t need to check if it will be compatible with your particular make of DVD player. A regular DVD will play on a Sony the same as it will on a Samsung player. That’s because DVDs are produced using a set of standards. Without these standards a studio releasing a new movie on DVD would have a big problem. They would need to make differently formatted DVDs for each brand of DVD player. This is how E-Learning used to be before SCORM was designed. The SCORM standard makes sure that all E-Learning content and LMS systems can work with each other, just like the DVD standard makes sure that all DVDs will play in all DVD players. If an LMS is SCORM conformant, it can play any content that is SCORM conformant, and any SCORM conformant content can play in any SCORM conformant LMS.

What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for: Sharable Content Object Reference Model. Sharable Content Object, shows that SCORM is all about creating elements of online training material that can be shared across systems. SCORM defines how to create ‘sharable content objects’ or ‘SCOs’ that can be reused in different systems and contexts.
“Reference Model” reflects the fact that SCORM isn’t actually a standard. The industry already had many standards that solved part of the problem. SCORM simply references these existing standards and tells developers how to properly use them together.

Why choose Safety Media Courses?

  • Courses have been tested in Moodle and other SCORM compliant LMS
  • Courses can be fully branded to match you LMS style
  • Convert old courses into a SCORM course
  •  Covert a PowerPoint presentation into a SCORM course.


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