SCORM Health and Safety Courses


Adding SCORM compliant Health and Safety courses to your own Learning Management System or LMS enables you to bolster your current training regimes utilising current systems quickly and efficiently.  The e-Fit solution from Safety Media allows you to do just this with relevant and up to date health and safety course content.

You can either opt to purchase a license for our entire library or pick and choose to meet your current needs.  As an e-Fit customer you can even take advantage of our unique Course Creator tool – find out more about this here »

Adding a Safety Media SCORM course to your own Learning Management System is easily achieved. You can simply download the chosen course from your dedicated secure server; then upload the course straight into your Learning Management System.

For example you can choose our latest Office Safety course which provides the user with essential information on fire safety, manual handling, computer safety and much more.

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Along the way, you will be able to interact with the course to test your knowledge on the subject area.  Most Learning Management System’s will allow you to track user’s successes or failures and our courses are available with or without a built in competency test as required.

All of Safety Media SCORM courses are hosted on a Content Delivery Network and delivered to your LMS via our “SCORM Server” which will allow you access to courses via a set of “keys” which are embedded into the course itself.

By delivering courses in this way you can be sure your learners are receiving the most up to date version of the content that we have available and your licenses will be managed automatically.

To find out more about our SCORM or E-Fit solution please contact us today on +44 (0) 1745 535000.

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