Course Creator

 A brand new look at “Off the Shelf” Health & Safety e-Learning

For the first time organisations can now have full power over the training that is delivered to their employees and benefit from all of the protection off the shelf offers.

Whether you choose to create one course that covers everything anyone will ever need to know about your organisation that lasts 12 hours or 15 bitesize courses that offer relevant training in manageable chunks it is up to you.

The icing on the cake for this offering is that is comes as standard to all Safety Media Enterprise clients, there are no additional costs involved and you will have access to their entire library of off the shelf training courses, this currently sits at 125 titles and is growing rapidly.

How does it work?

The idea is simple, much like most popular music players, you can create “playlists” of different snippets of course content and put them in an order that works best for your organisation.  You can even add self-tests and risk checklists, just like our normal courses.

What does this mean?

This clever tool is available as standard to all Enterprise e-Learning clients as soon as it is launched. You can still opt to use our standard library of courses if you choose to do so but will also have the Course Creator option in your Administration menu.

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