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We understand it is important to know that the training you undertake is not only the very best it can be, but also that it is recognised by professional institutions. That is why we take great pride in ensuring our products carry the following relevant stamps of approval.

ROSPA Approved e-Learning Courses from Safety Media

RoSPA Approved Courses

We are very proud to have the largest selection of RoSPA approved courses in the Health & Safety sector.  Currently at least 86* of our Health & Safety titles carry RoSPA approval making it the most comprehensive in-house library available. This stamp of approval means you can be assured that our course content is the very best the market has to offer and is up to scratch with regards best practice and legislative information. The Safety Media booklets and posters are all based on the information found within our e-Learning courses and so they too carry the Approved by RoSPA seal.

CPD Certified Training from Safety Media

CPD Certification

All of Safety Media’s DVDs and E-Learning courses are CPD certified. Upon completing any of our E-Learning courses users will be able to print or save a certificate of attainment stating their score and showing the CPD certified logo.

What is CPD?

CPD is Continuing Personal or Professional Development. The CPD Certification Service is the independent body operating across all market sectors and in support of all professional institutions, bodies and societies. Its certified CPD ‘quality mark’ is a recognised symbol of quality assured training. The basic concept of CPD is an educational system which seeks to:

  • Operate throughout the working life of a professional
  • Mirror the requirements imposed upon professionals by their professional organisations and, equally importantly, by their clients
  • Operate in a systematic and structured manner
  • Cover the full range of knowledge and skills, personal, technical and commercial, required by a professional in his or her working life.


What types of learning are included?

There is a number of learning methods recognised by CPD, they include:

  • Distance and open learning, including computer-based systems
  • Structured reading, including datasheets and periodical articles
  • Writing technical papers
  • Membership of relevant professional committees
  • Part time teaching
  • Skills developed as part of a normal in-house activities

With increasing expectations for your workforce to continue their personal and professional development, CPD offers your employees the opportunity to gain new skills and refresh their current skill set in line with changes to their work and their industry. All of Safety Media’s Health & Safety DVDs and E-Learning courses can be used to obtain CPD certification. For further information please visit

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*Figure correct at time of publication and may be subject to change.