Health and Safety App for Reporting on the go

Encouraging employees to report incidents in a timely fashion is not only beneficial for the business but all their own health and well-being.  Making this process as simple as possible is crucial for company wide acceptance and buy in which where a health and safety app can help.

Providing tools such as this therefore ticks more than just one box when it comes to being a responsible employer.

The app from Safety Media works with both Apple and Android devices and provides easy access to your Safety Media Platform. Whether you are an administrator or a user you will have the same access on your mobile device
as you do on a computer.

By providing easy access to the software tools via mobile devices, the likelihood of incidents being reported will increase significantly.
Administrators can check reports, analyse incidents, monitor audits, allocate training etc and users can log in and report incidents no matter what their geographical location is.

Health and Safety App - Safety Media
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