Here are some things we feel you should know before making decisions about your training solution.

If you still have queries at the end of this document please call us on +44 (0) 1745 535000 for some professional advice.

Should my company use DVDs or e-Learning to deliver Health & Safety Training?

How your company should deliver its health and safety training is entirely up to you. We have experts in-house who will talk to you about your individual company and your requirements, explain your legal responsibilities and help you make the decision between e-Learning and DVDs on an informed basis. Both mediums have pros and cons although the larger the company the more we would recommend an e-Learning based system which soon becomes considerably more time and cost efficient in today’s modern world.   In brief, DVDs work incredibly well for small numbers of on-site people and refresher type training. Alongside watching the DVD you could provide a booklet as an aid memoire and put up posters around the building. When choosing DVDs to deliver your health and safety training be mindful of keeping accurate records and registers of who has seen what material and when and ensure there is a system in place to measure understanding of the material.

E-Learning allows staff to learn in their own time and at their own pace allowing for minimal disruption of work schedules and reducing travel expenses etc. The major benefit associate with e-Learning from an employer’s point of view is that all training records are produced automatically and when using Safety Media’s LMS backed up securely via our online hosting packages. This means you have full visibility of training records 24-7 and can identify potential risks to your business without delay.

Isn’t e-Learning much more expensive than other methods of training?

The honest answer to that is that is depends largely on what you are comparing your training costs with.

When comparing the cost of implementing an e-Learning system to buying an off the shelf DVD then yes e-Learning can seem like an expensive option. However, when thinking about the health and well-being of your employees is there a price that is too high to pay?

With Safety Media’s open licence you have access to over 50 Health & Safety related training courses and you are welcome to use as many or as few of these courses as you wish as part of your company training schedule. We even provide a special version of our LMS specifically for smaller businesses who might traditionally choose other methods of learning making e-Learning accessible for everyone.

If you compare e-Learning to other methods of training such as classroom you may be surprised to learn you could make a considerable saving in your training budget. There is no need to hire external trainers or recruit a dedicated member of staff to stay on top of legislation changes, you do no need to buy additional materials, purchase achievement certificates, pay travel expenses to field based personnel, have your team out of business for a day or a half day potentially costing your business opportunities and missing calls, no need to provide or rent training spaces, rely on potentially out-dated material, create & keep records etc etc etc. These are all elements of the process which can either be eliminated or managed by your Safety Media e-Learning system – and by this we do not mean the most expensive system we provide, ANY of Safety Media’s e-Learning solutions will do this for you.

Do I even need Health & Safety Training in my company, we are only small?

As an employer the well-being of employees carrying out duties on your premises is your responsibility.

Legally, if your company has more than 5 employees your company health and safety policy must be written down formally and all employees must be made aware of the company approach, objectives and arrangements for managing health and safety. It is your responsibility to ensure employees and contractors are trained in safe working practices and informed of any hazards they may encounter. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming this only applied to factories or building sites – employees who sit at a desk all day or man a reception face potential health hazards should they not follow correct DSE guidance. Consider this scenario:

If your company has 5 employees, all of whom work with computers all day and occasionally meet with clients at their premises. You may consider it prudent to cover the basics and train your staff about: Display Screen Equipment, Fire Safety, Driving Safely and Slips, Trips & Falls. Even using Safety Media’s 2 for 1 DVD offer and choosing the titles where possible from the budget range of DVDs this will still cost you £197 – oh but wait, what about when you receive large deliveries or parcels and they have to be carried in, best add Manual handing to that bundle, and how about changing the cartridge on the printer – that would require COSHH training ideally so adding those titles in you are suddenly looking at £296 and then you need to keep manual records, possibly provide certificates of achievement and be able to prove competency in all of these areas, not to mention have your staff watch over 4 hours of DVDs during the working day.

Alternatively, if you buy an open licence from Safety Media’s Express e-Learning for each of those users your annual cost will be £284.20 and you will have access to over 50 top titles which you can pick and choose from as appropriate. If you find Stress Awareness training would be beneficial then add it to the curriculum, if someone gets pregnant add that on there too. Your users can access as many or as few of the 110 courses you wish over the 12 month period and the best part of all this is that the record keeping is all taken care of as part of the system. You will be able to provide accurate and up to date compliance records and you can be up and running within an hour of buying your licences.

On top of this, should an employee leave you can assign the licence to another user and incur no additional expenses. Your new starters can be trained on day 1 instead of waiting for an annual training course and the modules can be started and stopped to fit in with work schedules.

An added bonus of training these 5 staff in this way – consider completing a DSE training module whilst actually sat at your desk instead of in a meeting room or at an external venue. You will be in a position to make relevant changes to your screen height, chair position, desk set up etc as you are completing the course instead of having to memorise the information and find time to do it at a later date.

So in a nutshell, even if you are small you matter and your employees matter too. Neglecting to provide Safety and Health advice could expose you and your company to risks that can be easily avoided.

OK, but I have found lots of companies who do e-Learning and lots that do it at a different price to Safety Media, why should I not just go to one of them?

Yes, there are a lot of companies who do e-Learning and many of them even provide Health & Safety specific modules. There are very few companies who specialise ONLY in Health & safety modules and courses which is why we consider ourselves to be experts in this field.   We know who our competitors are, you might even know of some that we don’t know of yet, but we spend time looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the companies in our market place to ensure we stay one step ahead. We even have datasheets telling you about them because frankly, we have nothing to hide.

When researching e-Learning, as you will undoubtedly do before purchasing a system, you will notice that Safety Media are not necessarily the cheapest provider around, we know this. However, let me explain to you why this is:

  • We employ a complete in-house team to develop our content, build our LMS and support our customers with all of their requirements. We do not outsource to other companies or countries and because of this we can ensure our systems and course content is kept right up to date with changes in legislation, best practice and keeps everything looking modern and engaging.
  •  We host all of our systems with the UKs leading secure host and virtual server company, Rackspace; this includes maintenance contract and service level agreements.
  • Hacker proof – Our LMS goes through rigorous penetration testing which basically means hackers can’t get in and touch, delete or amend your records – after all we are all about Safety

If you are still not sure why our systems are worth the additional investment please feel free to request a free trial of an course you wish in order to do a like for like comparison of our material against that of our competitors. With instructional designs, high levels of interactivity and courses to suit all learning styles we are confident you will see for yourself that you get what you pay for. I would also request that you ask yourself this – is your business the cheapest on the market? Is that what you want to be known for?

Is it true you have a no returns policy on your DVDs?

In business you understand the need to protect your product, service or USPs. With technology as it is these days we have unfortunately been exploited with people both buying DVDs and “ripping them” or buying a DVD the day before a training session is due, using it and returning it expecting a full refund. Due to these actions we do operate a no-returns policy once the seal on the DVD case has been broken. We are not accusing all of our customers of such underhand methods but we do want to protect our business interests and I am sure you can understand that.

We understand you want to know a little more about the product you are getting before spending money on it and this is why we provide short clips of all of our DVDs on the website to give you a feel of what you will be getting in terms of quality and style. Should you not feel these clips are enough to make an informed decision please give us a call on +44 (0) 1745 535000 and we will be happy to set you up with an online preview.

I have an LMS already – can I just buy your courses?

All of our courses are SCORM compatible so can be loaded as an object into any suitable LMS. For more information on pricing please get in touch.

Can you make my system look like my company?

Yes, we offer a full branded solution when purchasing our LMS which can incorporate your company logo, colours and adhere to your company brand guidelines.

Can I make my own courses?

Yes, using our easy to use authoring tool you can create courses from PowerPoint which we will upload to your system for you to ensure testing and compatibility processes are met.

Will you build me a course?

We do offer a bespoke course building service to included elements of interactivity that are not necessarily available with the authoring software. You can work with our professional in-house content developers to work on a suitable storyline, script and message to ensure all of your goals are met.

Do you provide DVDs and e-Learning Courses in different languages?

Yes we do. Should you have a specific language requirement we can meet your need. We already provide a multi-lingual version of our most popular DVD titles and should you need any that we do not already carry just let us know and we can arrange for professional and affordable translations to be made.

With our e-Learning courses we can provide these in a variety of languages to suit to end users either via subtitling or full voice overs. Whatever your language requirements please discuss it with one of our experts and we can assure you a professional, accurate and modern translation of any of our materials.

Can you make my company a bespoke DVD using our team and premises?

Yes we can. We will send our production team to your premises to film your bespoke DVD so that when training is given the situations, surroundings and even people are relevant and familiar – this is a great way to aid retention of information and training.

Where is your content for your DVDs and courses filmed?

Our content is filmed in a variety of locations, at real business premises, on the roads around the UK, at familiar public areas and where required in professional studios. If you would like to volunteer your premises to appear in one of our DVDs and receive credit appreciation along with a complimentary copy of the final copy of the DVD please call us and we will be happy to talk things through with you – +44 (0) 1745 535000.

Do you really do everything in-house?

As far as is practical, yes we do, from the design of our posters to the content of our courses it is all developed in-house from concept to production. We use external consultants and professionals to verify our content, advise where required and to ensure everything is kept up to date and is accurate to legislation requirements.

We have an external company burn our DVDs to ensure quality is guaranteed throughout the process and the HSE posters / Training aids are provided to us externally..

Translations are carried out by a professional third party as, although we have some in-house language skills, we want to ensure all translations are accurate and verified. We do not rely on Google translate or other do-it-yourself methods.

We also hire in actors to star in our productions, unless suitable and willing staff are on hand at the premises in which we film of course! Voice overs are also done via a professional company to ensure scripts are easy to understand and compliment the on-screen content instead of distracting from it to aid maximum retention of information.

Hosting is done via Rackspace to ensure records are kept secure and safe.

All implementation, support and customer service functions are done by our team of in-house professionals and via a dedicated telephone line and email address you can always get hold of a trained person to handle your queries.