Remote working & business continuity

Sharing strategies and key information over the coming weeks, with a suite of resources to support remote working and training.

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HSE Guidelines

A one minute overview of the RIDDOR reporting guidelines for COVID-19

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New strategy – stage 1

Here is the first stage of our COVID-19 Strategy: Adapt – Homeworker Readiness

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Keeping your data safe while working from home

Our cybersecurity experts share their insight to help you stay safe online and protect your critical business data from the increase in cyber threats.

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Working from home tips

One page easy reference guide.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of working remotely

A one minute common-sense video for all homeworking staff.

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Homeworking – be safe

Our range of safety tools are easy to deploy, simple to use and provide all stakeholders with reports and dashboards that surface risks quickly so they can be addressed in good time.

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Need-to-know legal responsibilities

As an employer, you have the same responsibilities for homeworkers as for office based workers. What are these responsibilities?

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Why eLearning?

Roll out rapid programmes that are more comprehensive and cost-effective than alternatives. Browse key titles from our Access library of 500+ courses.

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What is Learning Reinforcement?

Getting the right training in place is key, but making it stick has traditionally been more difficult. With our GameBrain app, check your training is “landing” and implement Learning Reinforcement solutions quickly.

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