What makes Safety Media different?

Safety Media is not the only provider of Health & Safety e-Learning training and nor do we profess to be – So what makes Safety Media different? There are many other companies around who provide their own version of training and health and safety software. Safety Media focus on providing a quality product and this is evident in the courses that we provide.

At Safety Media we always put client satisfaction first… We are confident we can find a solution to your Health and Safety requirements all under one roof.

Four Modules in One Simple Platform

We pride ourselves on constantly evolving the Safety Media product and the newest additions to our broad range of health and safety management solutions prove just that. With a few simple clicks, customers can utilise the Audit Module, Incident Reporting tool and Risk Management software, along with access to our acclaimed e-Learning. Find out more about how these can assist you on our Health and Safety Software page and discover the future of health and safety management today.

Data protection penetration testing

Safety Media’s e-Learning platform has been fully penetration tested by an external independent organisation. We are confident not many of our competitors can say the same. If you are considering other companies as an e-Learning partner be sure to ask specific questions about the security of the system you will be using. We have nothing to hide about our system and we are sure we are entirely secure.

ROSPA Approved

In December 2012 Safety Media started the process of gaining RoSPA Approval for all of our Health & Safety e-Learning courses and DVD Library. Now we have our entire applicable library approved with new courses gaining approval even before release. How many courses does your supplier have approved, if any? With the RoSPA stamp of approval you can be sure our courses are industry approved and of top quality.

CPD Certification

By training using Safety Media’s in-house courses and health and safety DVDs you can add CPD Credits to your personal development scheme. The mark of approval is a ‘quality mark ‘recognised throughout the training world as a high standard of content and delivery. EVERY SINGLE course and DVD produced by Safety Media carries the CPD stamp – what do your suppliers offer?

Over 125 Courses

An Open License from Safety Media’s e-Learning Solutions means you and your employees get COMPLETE access to Safety Media’s ENTIRE library of courses. This includes Induction Courses, In-Depth Courses and a range of Refresher titles to keep training up to date. Before choosing an e-Learning partner make sure you know exactly what you are getting in your package.

Dedicated Support Team and Contact information

We have an entire team dedicated to providing first class customer support. As a customer you will have a dedicated Account Manager and Support Manager along with access to a support helpline should your support manager not be available. You will receive implementation advice as well as ongoing training and support.

“Technical support is excellent. We received a good level of training and good follow up” Radisson Edwardian Group

Risk Management Tool

Safety Media’s Learning Management System allows every user of every course to fill in an individual Risk Profiling Checklist. Upon completion the results are emailed to the appropriate person so that action can be taken, risks minimised and a fully recorded audit trail is available for inspection purposes. This is a great way to avoid getting caught out by HSE’s Fee for Intervention Scheme. What risks are checked by other platforms?

“The reporting visibility and dynamics ensure that we are able to quickly identify any of our team who have been identified as ‘High Risk’ and resolve and issues without delay” – UK HSE Manager, Linde Material Handling (UK) Ltd

SCORM Compatible Courses

Any of the Safety Media courses can be bought as SCORM courses to fit into your current Learning Management System. You don’t need to move LMS to benefit from top quality content. We want to work with you, not make you work with us!

SME to corporate and everything in between

Safety Media offer tailored packages and solutions to fit any size and shape of organisation from contractors to large multi-nationals. We know one solution doesn’t work for everyone so we will work WITH you to find the solution that fits. We will treat you like an individual, not just another sale…will they?

“A cost effective method of training over 6500 staff” Information & Training Manager, University of Southampton

And finally a word from some of our customers…

"Chris always asks questions and carefully reads the scope.  He understands our business."Stig ClementsenChief Sustainability Officer & Senior VP HSEQ, DOF Subsea
"The Course Creator tool gave us flexibility as a lot of our employees are based overseas and so it allows the UK component parts to be edited without losing its message.  They are really appreciative that we have made the effort to tailor the course to them and makes them feel valued which is really important to us."Steven DavenportSenior Manager-Health & Safety, Vectura
"I must say you have done a sterling job.  The e-Learning package and video is excellent and it will be the envy of the museum sector. I can't explain what a breath of fresh air Chris and his team are.  At each stage Chris has kept the communication going and has always delivered on time.  The interactive video which explores the types of incidents that VS and Security personnel deal with is nothing less than brilliant."David GouldFire Safety Manager, The British Museum
"Thank you Georga, great customer service."Carol NewburyHuman Resources Manager, Airrcraft Research Associate (ARA)
"Without the correct permit to work our contractors cannot get onsite to do their jobs which means our business cannot operate.  The solution from Safety Media has solved these issues for us and allows Linde Material Handling to be a more dynamic and productive workforce as a result."Alan McEnteggartUK Health, Safety & Environmental Manager, Linde Material Handling
"All translations are perfect, thank you!"Philippe DerouelleProject and Technical Supervisor, adidas Group



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