Safety Media Affiliates is a scheme providing an easy way to earn some extra money from your website and provide your customers with access to our acclaimed Health & Safety DVDs, posters and booklets. If your website features information on training or anything to do with Health & Safety, then why not add a Safety Media affiliate banner to your site? It’s very simple and you could start generating sales very quickly. We pay commission on every product bought through the affiliate banner link directly from your website.

This is how it works:

  • You place banners on your website which advertise Safety Media products
  • Safety Media will provide all of the artwork for you, all you have to do is put the banner in a prominent position to help generate the sales
  • Safety Media will update the banner graphics so that you are showing something new to your returning customers
  • If a visitor clicks on the banner, they will go straight to the Safety Media website – a tracking code will tell us that they have come from your website so that we know who to pay for any sales
  • If they order when they visit our site, we will pay you 20% of the value of the sale

So, for example: A visitor clicks on a banner on your website and goes to the Safety Media website. The visitor then purchases 2 DVDs. The value of the sale is £198 – we will pay you £39.60. It’s that simple!

OK, where’s the catch? How much does it cost? Nothing! There is no catch and there are no fees. Safety Media benefit by getting unique visitors to our site and in turn we will pay you if they purchase something.

What happens if they click on a link and don’t buy today, but come back next week and buy? Do I still get my money? Yes. The tracking code lasts for 120 days, so, if a visitor clicks on your link and purchases within the 120 days, you still get paid.

When will I get paid as a Safety Media affiliate?

We will pay you 15 days after month end.

How do I become a Safety Media affiliate?

Simply go to and sign up for free. Once you’ve registered, simply choose the Safety Media advert you would like to appear and add the code to your website so that the banners appear.