Safety Media Company history

Safety Media company history is centred around the achievements and vision of one family, the Roberts’.  The company was established more than 20 years ago, set up as a consequence of the mailing of a Health & Safety video to our current chairman, Bill Roberts.  The company now enjoys it status and success due to the vision and drive of current Managing Director, Toby Roberts, who, as a hands on leader drives his team to achieve greatness in all of our endeavours.

The Safety Media company history story

The video received by Bill Roberts was priced then at £600 and having just made a short film for his existing jewellery business, Bill quickly realised that the costs of these videos could be profitable whilst at the same time be more cost effective to the customer. In the first video, well-known celebrity guests were used through the BBC resources team, producing videos priced to the end user at just £99. Soon after, Bill used his contacts from his previous life in the egg and frozen food business, contacting various H&S consultants to help out with the required specialist advice. Very quickly the Fire Safety video was launched and became the UK’s best-selling Fire Safety Video. It was a success due to the customer need, professionalism of content and overwhelming value to the customer compared to the competition; all principles that have continued throughout the life of the business. From here, Safety Media branched out into all areas of Health & Safety keeping up with technologies by moving away from video into DVDs and adding complimentary training products to its portfolio such as booklets, posters and training aids. With the advent of the E-Learning era, Safety Media reproduced all their training courses into this new interactive on-line training environment and developed a state-of-the-art system specifically made for the unique Health & Safety market.

Since then, Safety Media has expanded rapidly, being recognised as one of the fastest growing businesses in Wales by Fast Growth 50 in 2001, 2002 and 2005; becoming the UK’s leading experts in providing Health & Safety training solutions. Today Safety Media continue to be leaders, having captured a huge market share globally in Health & Safety training and priding itself on owning the largest world class instructionally designed course-ware library for the Health & Safety industry. E-Learning is the most effective way of training and retaining information whilst monitoring and reporting the safety of staff in the workplace and Safety Media continue to innovate and lead the way in newly designed courses.

In 2008, Bill’s son Toby Roberts took over the reins of Safety Media as Managing Director, having worked within various areas of the business ‘on the shop floor’. He continues the legacy his father started with the customer being at the centre of all that is created. Safety Media will continue to develop new products (such as health and safety software) and be pro-active in delivering new training technology solutions, they have developed many partner relationships with many E-Learning training businesses as its course-ware is recognised as being the best in the industry.